Akashic Records Readings
The Akashic Records are the records of your Soul's journey. Reading these records can be useful to help you gain insight into your soul's purpose for this life and any relationships (past or present). In addition, a reading can help you release old patterns that are no longer useful and assist you in bringing your life into alignment with your highest good.
Liz ~ ~ (617) 855-9221
Dave ~ ~ (978) 503-1048 *Saturday hours available*
Christabeth ~ ~ (413) 204-8802

Angel Readings
Angel readings provide an opportunity to receive divine guidance in any area of life. They can help you gain deeper and broader perspective your relationships, finances, career, health, or another topic of your choosing. The angels are here to help empower you on your journey, and always support you with unconditional love. All information that comes through in a reading is for your highest and greatest good, and is meant to help guide you in your life, with a focus on promoting your own free will and choice.
Dave ~ ~ (978) 503-1048 *Saturday hours available*

Intuitive Readings
Looking for guidance and support? Looking to gain insight into what next, and where to tap into the power available to you to move forward? Intuitive card readings are a great way to help gain clarity, understanding, and a deeper truth to your all the different parts of your life.
Christabeth ~ ~ (413) 204-8802

Mediumship Readings
In a mediumship reading, you will be connected to your loved ones on the other side. The intention of mediumship is to help you understand that there is a continuation of life after death. The medium will bring through specific evidence such as descriptions, shared experiences, memories and recent events, so that you know that your loved ones are still around you. A mediumship reading can provide healing, laughter, comfort, and love.
Nicole ~ ~ (978) 935-0685 *Saturday hours available*

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