Who We Are

Dave Eyerman, LAc

dave@clearandnowhealing.com ~ (978) 503-1048 ~ personalfreedomadvocate.com
Personal Freedom Advocate
Licensed Acupuncturist
Akashic Records Reader
Reiki Master/Teacher
Dave Eyerman, LAc, JP With a strong background of math and science, Dave brings a grounded approach to spiritual practice. With a lifelong affinity for math and physics, he earned his Bachelor's degree in mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. After college, he worked in technology for years before spending five years as a teacher.

While teaching algebra to high school students, Dave found his greatest pleasure of the job was helping individual students overcome an issue they were facing. Providing support in that manner led Dave to launching his practice as a healer.

Regardless of which occupation he was involved in, Dave has for years been an active student and practitioner of meditation and the healing arts. He has practiced Qi Gong, Shamanism, Native American Healing and Chinese Medicine. In 2010, he was certified in Heart-Mind Integration, followed by becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2011. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2013 and is now a licensed acupuncturist.

In May of 2014, Dave was appointed a Justice of the Peace by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. He is honored to help couples create the ceremony of their choice that honors who they are and lovingly ushers them into the world of marriage.

"David creates a comfortable and safe environment in which to conduct his work.
He is a gentle guide and healer, with a light and good heart." -Mark W

Liz Varney, LICSW

liz@clearandnowhealing.com ~ (617) 855-9221 ~ lizvarneymedium.com
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Akashic Records Reader
Reiki Master/Teacher
Liz Varney, LICSW Originally from western Massachusetts, Liz earned a Bachelor's of Psychology from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. After school, she worked for a Boston-based social service organization specializing in child and family welfare. She went on to treat adults with major mental illness and substance abuse issues while earning her Master's degree in Social Work. After receiving her Master's degree, she became the co-director of an intensive outpatient addictions program. From there, she moved on to work with both undergraduate and graduate students at Tufts University, while at the same time helping children, teens, and adults at a community mental health clinic. Liz provided supervision to other clinicians, and has been part of a multidisciplinary case review team. Liz opened a private practice as a LICSW in 2009 and has thoroughly enjoyed developing her practice as well as helping other practitioners develop theirs.

Due to the all-too common "burnout" that occurs in the human service field, Liz began a journey to find other healing methods which would provide balance in her work as a healer. Her journey with Reiki began in February 2009 after a desire arose to develop her own spirituality. She became a Reiki Master alongside her husband, Dave, in May 2011. After learning Reiki, Liz became intrigued to deepen her understanding of intuition and embarked on a year long intuition development mentorship program. From there, she explored the Akashic Records and developed as an intuitive medium. She continues to feel intrigued by the soul's journey and infuses her work with her insights from her spiritual learning and development to aid others in finding their most authentic path.

"Liz Varney is not your typical therapist. She combines traditional clinic methods of treatrment with holistic, spiritual methods of exploration in order to assist people on their path to healing with compassion and passion." -Lisa C.

Christabeth Ingold, LMT, CHHC, CLC, LCF

christabeth@clearandnowhealing.com ~ (339) 221-7209 ~ soulfullynourishing.com
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach
Licensed Chakradance™ Facilitator
Certified Heartworks Lomilomi Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist
Akashic Records Reader
Christabeth Ingold, RP, CHHC, CLC, LCF Christabeth has a colorful background with a common thread of healing throughout. Her heart is here to love and hold you as she walks by your side and gently guides you into alignment with your true self. Her various healing modalities will move you forward, help you let go, live more deeply and purposefully, and simply light your inner fire.

With a life long passion for the healing arts, in 2006 Christabeth received her B.S. from Lesley University in Art Therapy, and is a candidate in the Masters Expressive Therapy program. She has immersed herself in holistic healing and her own spirituality for personal growth and awareness, focusing on healing anxiety she once was experiencing. In her proces, something within her woke up and she entered the world of energy healing, becoming an advanced Reiki practitioner in 2011. In addition, she works with oracle cards and offers intuitive readings.

She explored Buddhism, meditation, yoga, and waking her true self up more through life inquiry, workshops, and trainings. Christabeth became a certified Holistic Health Coach studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certified Souluna Life Coach. Coaching is her true love, as it is so interconnected with everything. She loves to say, "In life coaching, we can literally coach on anything - it’s life!" All the modalities she offers weave beautifully together, as they all serve each other.

Her love and belief in energy healing has led to her to study energy medicine further, and specifically the chakra system. As of 2014, Christabeth received her license as a Chakradance Facilitator, combining movement and the chakra system as a way to tap into the body’s wisdom and heal.

After visting Hawaii and co-facilitating a retreat there, she was being called to learn more about Hawaiian healing. Christabeth became certified in a lineage of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork called Heartworks Lomilomi.

Christabeth is a healer who wants the chance for everyone to experience the inner peace, healing, mindfulness, and love that innately exists within each of us. She also believes our inner flames light these fires of mind, body, spirit and we must tend the fire to live a fully true-to-the-self expressed life. Aloha!

"Christabeth, you are the light. I can't say it any simpler. You have the power to brighten
the places where my truth is hiding and invite it out to play." -Steph

Julia Darling, LMT

julia@clearandnowhealing.com ~ (978) 482-7156
Licensed Massage Therapist
Julia Darling, LMT Originally from Andover, MA, Julia has had a lifelong passion for health and healing. She received her massage training from the Salter School of Massage Therapy, graduating with honors in 2005. In her 12 years of experience she has worked with different clients of all ages and issues from corporate executives to teen athletes, professional musicians to individuals with chronic pain and illness. She believes in the body's ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body.

Julia's massages are intuitive and therapeutic and can range from flowing and relaxing to more specific and deep. Her modalities include but are not limited to:
Deep Tissue, Swedish/relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, active and passive stretching, Hot Stone, and Sports Massage. She also provides Prenatal, Postnatal, and Labor Induction Massage.

Through her experience, she has learned that massage is not just about the physical but that it is also energetic and spiritual. As you lie on the table enveloped in warmth and comfort, the hushed music draws you in and the world around you seems to fade away. By producing this meditative state or heightened awareness of living in the now, massage can help provide emotional and spiritual balance. This brings with it true relaxation and peace and in turn, further aids the body physically.

Utilizing a variety of different techniques, she tailors each treatment to the clients specific needs. Whether it be very deep tissue or flowing relaxation, it is her goal to help her clients on their path to wellness through the beauty of touch. Creating a calm and renewing experience that will leave the client feeling relieved and rejuvenated.

"Excellent massage and I've had hundreds over the last 30 years, including during 15 years of Triathlon racing. Helped to loosen up some areas that have been chronically tight. Excellent skill. I booked more appointments on the spot!" -Craig N.

Nicole Adley

nicole@clearandnowhealing.com ~ (978) 935-0685 ~ nicoleadley.com
Psychic Medium
Reiki Master
Nicole Adley Nicole is a Medium and Reiki Master. She considers herself a translator for the spirit and energetic world. Through a series of synchronistic events she discovered her own ability to connect. She truly believes everyone can enhance their connection to the other side, sometimes we just need a little help.
Her goal in every session is to bring evidence that your connection to your loved one doesn't end with their physical passing.

Some people come to session because they are seeking comfort. Some people are looking for connection, some are just curious. No matter what the reason, she invites you to be open to all that Spirit has to offer. Spirit communication isn't always perfect, however, it is her intention to provide a safe space to explore the magic of the spirit world.

"All I can say is WOW! You have a beautiful gift and are helping people heal and move forward!! Thank you so much." -Kelly B.