Mindful Minute - August 17, 2017
Peace and confidence are the natural results of listening to your deepest voice.
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8/18: Ho'Oponopono Circle: The Way of Hawaiian Forgiveness
8/23: Intuitive Development Series with Mentorship
9/17: Write Your Self
9/22: Holistic Happy Hour
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Dave Eyerman, Personal Freedom Advocate
Dave recently got a promotion! He is now a
Personal Freedom Advocate!
What does that mean?
This new title more accurately reflects the work that he does - helping individuals grow beyond what limits them in life.
Where are you stuck? Where is there room for you to grow?
Dave uses acupuncture, energy work, and mindfulness to help his clients move into a broader and deeper space of personal freedom.
Want to know more? Visit his new website PersonalFreedomAdvocate.com, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
Exciting things to come!
Ho'Oponopono Circle: The Way of Hawaiian Forgiveness: August 18
The Hawaiians use this beautiful "forgiveness technology" to clear, reconcile, and forgive. Join this circle in community to learn more about what’s behind Ho'oponopono, the 4 simple steps it uses as forgiveness, and actually feel your being release into the love of Aloha!Ho'oponopono will change your frequency, soften your spirit, and not only offer healing from within you, but also healing to the world around you. So simple, yet so deeply powerful, this practice is something you can use anytime for yourself and share with others. This here, is a practice of freedom! This sweet circle will be co facilitated by CAN’s Christabeth Ingold and her soul sister and teacher of Lomilomi Massage, Bethany Boulger (www.alohaom.com). Bring all parts of yourself ...and a friend!
When: August 18, 6:30 PM
Cost: $20

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The Falsehood of the Fear of Failure
It is a familiar sentiment to be afraid of failing. It is a powerful demotivator. Why try if you are going to fail?
But what if failure isn't truly possible?
Take a look from this alternative perspective laid out in Dave's latest blog post: The Fear of Failure.
Weekend Retreat: Bring Balance to Your Being: October 20-22
We will be offering our next Weekend Retreat on October 20th - 22nd, Bring Balance to Your Being!
This three-day event will highlight all of our practitioners as you are guided to reconnect with your Soul's Path and help manifest the truest and most fulfilling life that is ready for you!
Through informative and interactive group sessions you will be led on a journey of self-discovery while connecting with others on a similar journey!
Visit the retreat webpage for more information!
When: Friday to Sunday, October 20 - 22. Detailed schedule on the retreat web page.
Cost: $300

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Intuitive Development Series with Mentorship: August 23
This series is perfect for anyone who is looking to explore their intuition and help develop it further! With the use of meditation, teaching, and classroom exercises, you will discover ways to use your intuition for your own daily use as well as to use to give readings to others!
In addition, each student will also receive personal mentorship with Rose throughout the series.
When: Six Thursdays August 23 - Sept 27, 7 - 9 pm each night
Cost: $300

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Temple Style Lomilomi
Christabeth is now offering not just one, but two styles of Hawaiian Massage! The new style is called Temple Style Lomilomi, and is a modern style of lomi where the forearms are mostly used through the session. This allows for a continuous flow over whole body mimicking the waves and offering a deeper flush physically and energetically to your system.
Temple style is a longer session (120 minutes, $160) offering a space of no time, and connection to the Universe and healing. Hawaiian chanting to open the session, and a short closing ceremony at the end offers a beautiful full circle session. We will release, relax, and reset your being to step back into life refreshed and new again! Email Christabeth to schedule your session today!
Equinox Holistic Happy Hour: September 22
Experience a new kind of Happy Hour! On September 22nd, we will be offering the holistic combination of acupuncture and meditation to help you embrace the energies of the fall equinox. Both the acupuncture treatment and the meditation will be centered around incorporating balance and the energies of autumn.
It's a great way to embrace the fullness of who you are as we enter the new season!
Limited to 7 people.
When: First Day of Autumn: September 22, 5:30 to 6:30 PM
Cost: $25

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Reiki II: September 23-24
Reiki II broadens your connection to this gentle and powerful healing energy. The class develops the more intuitive and spiritual dimensions of the medicine, and you will discover your own intuition in a deeper way.
Reiki II introduces the Reiki symbols, how to work with your Reiki guides, and how to send this energy at a distance.
This two-day class is a combination of lecture, discussion, meditation, and hands-on practice. You will leave as a certified Reiki II practitioner! It's truly a powerful upgrade to your practice.
For more information about the course, please email Dave.
When: Saturday September 23, 9-3, and Sunday, September 24, 9-12
Cost: $300

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Akashic Soul Readings
Curious about your soul's path? In need of a soul-level understanding of the events happening in your life? Liz provides intuitive readings for you to get deeper acquainted to your soul-full life!
Phone or In-Person Readings Available!
Email liz@clearandnowhealing.com for more information!