Mindful Minute - July 24, 2018
Your truest strength resides in your heart and emanates out from there.
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Boundaries for Empaths: July 26
New Offering: Shamanic Acupuncture
Summer Holistic Sampler
Energy Healing Mentorship!
CAN Akashic Reader Level 1: August 10 - 12
Reiki II: August 25 - 26
Weekly Meditation Exploration

Boundaries for Empaths: July 26
Do you find that you are constantly taking care of others? Are you very sensitive to the moods of those around you?
There is no need for you to continue to feel drained and overwhelmed. In this discussion, learn how to manage your own sensitivity. Gain insight into the deeper why's and how's of your helping others, and learn some simple techniques for reining in your sensitivity.
For more information, please email David.
When: July 26
Cost: $40

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New Offering: Shamanic Acupuncture
We are thrilled to announce a new healing modality offered at Clear and Now.
Dave is now offering Shamanic Acupuncture sessions, which combine the relaxing and supportive nature of acupuncture with the power of native healing methods from around the globe.
Shamanic Acupuncture sessions are for those who are ready to make a shift in their life, ready to let go of old pain, reclaim who they really are, and be the fullest human they can be.
What people are saying about Shamanic Acupuncture:
"I’m in shock at how amazing I feel! And how connected I feel to the universe!"
"I have a sense of calm and a sense of individuality that was not there before."

Email Dave today or call him at (978) 503-1048 to book your session!
Summer Holistic Sampler
Our summer holistic sampler is back! This is a great way to explore what holistic healing holds for you, and a great gift to give the curious seeker in your life.
A Holistic Summer Sampler Package for $150 and experience:
  • one acupuncture treatment with Dave,
  • one energy healing or intuitive guidance session with Christabeth, and
  • and one massage session with Julia!
  • Get yours today!
    Energy Healing Mentorship!
    Have you completed an energy healing course but are not sure where to go to further your development? Are you in need of some support as you practice your energy work?
    Dave is very excited to introduce his Energy Healing Mentorship, where you can receive guidance to help you develop your practice. Working with Dave will help you remain grounded as you work with energy, practice in a healthy and sustainable way, develop your intuition, and hone your technique!
    The Mentorship is tailored to your individual needs, and together we will help you become the best healer you can be!
    For more information, visit Dave's website or email him directly!
    CAN Akashic Reader Level 1: August 10 - 12
    The Akashic Records are said to be the spiritual records that hold the history of your soul's evolution over time. Reading your Akashic Records can help you bring soul-level understanding to the events that are happening or have happened in your life. The Akashic Records also hold information about past lives and how past karma could be affecting you now. This new information and understanding can bring healing, peace, clarity, and serenity to your life.
    During this weekend-long "CAN Akashic Reader Level 1" training, you will learn foundational tools and information to tap into your own soul's journey. With this information, you will learn to do self-readings to help you along in your journey. This class will teach you from the ground up, so no prior experience necessary.
    Register now on LizVarneyMedium.com! For more information, email Liz.
    When: Friday - Sunday, August 10 - 12
    Cost: $300
    Reiki II: August 25 - 26
    Reiki II broadens your connection to this gentle and powerful healing energy. The class develops your more intuitive and spiritual dimensions of the medicine, and you will connect with your own intuition in a deeper way.
    With lecture, discussion, meditation, and hands-on practice, you will learn:
  • the Reiki symbols to empower and customize your treatments
  • how to clear spaces with Reiki
  • how to treat intangible things such as relationships, spaces, and events
  • how to send Reiki at a distance (geographical as well as through time!)
  • who your Reiki guides are, and how to work with them in your treatments
  • to connect with your intuition and let that guide and support your work
  • and much more!
  • In addition, we will discuss proper energetic hygiene, healthy boundaries, and self-maintenance. You will leave with the tools to explore this powerful energy on your own in a safe, healthy, and honorable way. For more information about the course, please email Dave.
    You will leave as a certified Reiki II practitioner! It's truly a powerful upgrade to your practice.
    When: Saturday, August 25, 9-3, and Sunday, August 26, 9-12
    Cost: $300

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    Weekly Meditation Exploration
    Every Wednesday at noon we explore meditation as a tool to help us step into greater empowerment and connect with a deeper sense of peace within ourselves and with life.
    This weekly practice consists of 25 minutes of guided meditation followed by a brief talk. The meditations and talks will explore a variety of topics and uses of meditation.
    Newcomers to meditation and long-time practitioners are welcome to attend.
    Video recordings from past groups are available on our Facebook page.
    If you are planning to attend, please note that we request that you RSVP through our MeetUp group. If you have trouble with that site, please contact Dave directly.