Business Coaching
Business Coaching is for people who do not feel they need mental health services, but would like guidance and support in developing their careers and moving ahead. You can receive help starting your own private practice or business, feel more empowered with your work, and in general feel more successful.
Liz ~ ~ (617) 855-9221

Mindful Life Coaching
Mindful Life Coaching helps you bring the principles of mindfulness into your day-to-day, so that you may lead a more authentic and fulfilling life. You will discover how to incorporate your mind, body, and spirit in balance with each other. This is an ideal approach for people who feel something is amiss, but can't put their finger on what it is. We will work to bring awareness to all aspects of your being and empower you to move forward in a richer, fuller way.
Mindful Life Coaching can be seamlessly integrated with acupuncture, reiki, and other energy work that Dave provides. The combination of bodywork with Mindful Life Coaching is a powerful recipe for personal growth and evolution.
Dave ~ ~ (978) 503-1048

Soul Level Coaching
In a Soul Level Coaching Session, you come prepared with questions about your life (past and current) in which you want greater understanding, guidance and insights according from the journey of your soul. Liz will intuitively connect to you and offer insights and feedback to aid in your journey. While this is not a predictive "fortune telling" service, you may receive wisdom that will help you with future decision making.
When we tap into our soul wisdom, we are often able to unstick from stuck situations, make peace with our past and current situations, and find new perspectives that help us live our most satisfying and authentic lives. Soul Level Coaching is perfect for people who do not need therapy and do not desire weekly or ongoing services. Soul Level Coaching can be done in one session or occasional sessions on an as needed basis.
Please note that Liz's past and current therapy clients are ineligible for this service with Liz. Similar services can be accessed from Seana Zelazo with Akashic Records Readings.
Liz ~ ~ (617) 855-9221

Soulful Weight Loss Support - Phone sessions now available!
Liz is excited to announce that she is now offering her weight loss support series as individual phone sessions! During this series of sessions, Liz will assist you in the deep soul level shifts that you need to create sustainable and long lasting changes in your health. With the use of clinical knowledge, creative techniques and intuitive guidance, you will find your most empowered path to your journey. Liz has been working with individuals and groups with food addictions for the past five years and continues to feel greatly inspired to help others find their most mindful and authentic path to mind-body-spirit wellness.
Choose 4 or 8 phone sessions, flexible call times
4 one hr sessions $340 discount if paid in full or 2 payments of $180
8 one hr session $640 discount if paid in full or 2 payments of $360
* Phone sessions are ineligible for health insurance Liz ~ ~ (617) 855-9221

Therapeutic Life Coaching
Liz has made an exciting change from the label "therapist" to "therapeutic life coach." This shift allows for sessions to be more holistic, and to draw from Liz's experiences as a social worker, therapist, creative, intuitive, and holistic healer. While this service is not eligible to be covered by insurance, it does allow the freedom to work with you in an individualized and unique way. Liz will bring her genuine and sincere approach to create sessions that are collaborative and conversational. Together, we will work to help you change your perspectives and find peace in your journey.
Phone coaching sessions are welcome!
Liz ~ ~ (617) 855-9221

Transformational Life Coaching
In coaching we will work with many aspects of the self including seeing the limitless possibilities for your life, shifting beliefs and perspectives so they actually work for you, and feel into the emotion body as well as the physical body to move out old patterns and form a healthier relationship to yourself.
It's time to take the multiple masks off you wear in every day life and dance your own dance. It's time to live from your heart, light it on fire, and show up feeling refreshed and free!
Christabeth ~ ~ (413) 204-8802