Classes & Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation
Weekly, Wednesdays at noon
Free, $10 donation suggested
Contact: Dave - or (978) 503-1048

Meditation practice gives us a chance to step away from the busy-ness of our day-to-day lives. It provides space for us to be free from reaction, from expectation, from doing, and step into the gentle space of being.
In addition, we can springboard off of the foundation of being we touch in meditation to help us step into greater empowerment and connect with a deeper sense of self and of life.
This weekly practice consists of 20-25 minutes of guided meditation followed by a brief talk. The meditations and talks will vary, but are rooted in mindfulness and will explore different topics from there.
Newcomers to meditation and long-time practitioners are welcome to attend.
We have a library of recordings of meditations and dharma talks freely available for download, and a host of meditation/talk videos on our Facebook page!

Shamanic Divination Workshop
Next Date: August 28, 2019, 6:00 pm
Registration Deadline: August 27, 2019
Cost: $25

Nature is always speaking to us. She constantly guides us on our way with messages.
Divination is the practice of learning to recognize and interpret those messages. You can learn to ask Spirit for help, and it will respond with kindness, compassion, and wisdom.
This workshop will introduce this powerful yet simple-to-learn practice, and give you several opportunities to explore it for yourself.
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