Classes & Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation
After 8 years of offering this group, the time has come for a change. We are no longer holding our weekly meditation group. We are deeply grateful for all those who have joined us over the years, whether once or for a regular practice. It has been an honor to sit with all of you who have wanted to connect more deeply to yourselves, to gain some practice at being in a culture that over-values doing.
That being said, be on the lookout in our mailing list (sign up here) or on our Facebook page for new offerings (classes, videos) covering meditation and other wisdom.
We have a library of recordings of meditations and dharma talks freely available for download, and a host of meditation/talk videos on our Facebook page!

CAN Akashic Reader Level 1
Next Date: March 6, 2020 - March 8, 2020
Cost: $300

The Akashic Records are said to be the spiritual records that hold the history of your soul's evolution over time. Reading your Akashic Records can help you bring soul-level understanding to the events that are happening or have happened in your life. The Akashic Records also hold information about past lives and how past karma could be affecting you now. This new information and understanding can bring healing, peace, clarity, and serenity to your life.
During this weekend-long "CAN Akashic Reader Level 1" training, you will learn foundational tools and information to tap into your own soul's journey. With this information, you will learn to do self-readings to help you along in your journey. This class will teach you from the ground up, so no prior experience necessary.
Register now on! For more information, email Liz.

Walking The Shamanic Path Yearlong Training
Next Date: Second Saturday of the month for 10 months beginning June 2020
Registration Deadline: June 10, 2020
Cost: $900

Learn to walk this world armed with the perspective and power of Shamanism! This yearlong training will begin with the foundations of the shamanic way of life, and provide grounded understanding to employ the perspectives and tools of shamanism in your day-to-day life.You will gain wisdom and experience with shamanism for your own health and well-being, including journeying, divination, and walking the life of interconnectedness. In addition, we will cover shamanic healing techniques including soul retrievals and extractions. For more detailed information, visit or email Dave directly.