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The Difference Between Healing and Curing
June 30, 2016
Holistic Health — By Dave Eyerman

There is an important difference to note between healing and curing.

Curing an illness implies that it disappears completely, that there is an absence of physical disease. It is not a process, it is a goal. Someone is considered to be cured when there is no disease.

Healing, on the other hand, is a process, and as such it takes many forms. It is possible that healing and curing look the same. It is also possible that healing means acceptance of one’s self, or realigning with some of the deeper issues which either caused or contributed to the rise of the initial problem, while the physical disease remains .

Healing often includes addressing the emotional and/or psychological issues which are facets of the disease, where curing is more black-and-white.

Being cured from cancer is to have all cancerous cells cleared from your body. Healing from cancer is often independent of being cured from it. Some people may go through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments and continue to live their life in the same way which helped bring about the disease in the first place.

Healing often facilitates being cured, but curing does not necessarily facilitate healing. Healing comes from within, being cured comes from without.

At Clear and Now, we are healers. We help people come to a deeper and greater understanding of themselves and their lives, regardless of the issues they are working on.

Sometimes, a client may come in wishing to be cured, but what they really need, and what comes as a result of their treatments, is a profound and lasting healing.

We do not cure anyone; we practice the healing arts, and as such, we let the client’s path of healing unfold naturally.

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