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Dave's Puncture For This Juncture
Dave’s Puncture for this Juncture: Grief and Change
December 26, 2016

All things are impermanent. It is the nature of life. Nothing lasts forever (not even diamonds). Yet we generally have a hard time when things have reached the end of their lives.

Our minds are linear; they’re stuck with a Newtonian physics model (what is at rest stays at rest, what moves will continue to move in the same way forever unless something acts on it … while an acupuncturist and meditation teacher I also have a science geek side). Our minds expect things to stay as they are, and “has trouble letting go” (to borrow a line from The Matrix).

The Metal element of Chinese medicine is about letting in and letting go, and the two organs associated with the Metal element are the Lungs and Large Intestine. Both organs exemplify this theme.


Liz’s Theme of the Week: “A Speedy, Grumpy, Dreadful Christmas, Part 4: This is NOT how I want it!”
December 21, 2016

For the final chapter of the “A Speedy, Grumpy, Dreadful Christmas” series, I must address those of us who may be down in the dumps this holiday season, because this year: “This is NOT how I want it.”

For many people the holidays are a time to join together, celebrate with the ones you love, and reflect back on the year…yet for many others this time can be incredibly difficult.
For anyone who has experienced loss, (more…)

Dave's Puncture For This Juncture
Dave’s Puncture for this Juncture: Obligations
December 19, 2016

In this week’s theme, Liz discussed the ins and outs of obligations, particularly centered around the holiday season.

Obligations are frequently burdens. They often conflict with what we want to do, and can easily be obstacles inhibiting what we want to do. When our movement is dictated by forces outside of us, it is natural to respond with stress, frustration, anger, resignation, or a combination thereof.

From an acupuncture standpoint, our desire and ability to make decisions for ourselves, act on them, and move forward in life is mainly related to the Wood channels – Liver and Gallbladder. These are the officials who act as the general on the battlefield – sitting on high ground, examining the scene, plotting the right move, and ordering their troops to act. The Liver has the vision and the plan, and the Gallbladder acts on that vision, making decisions to bring the plan into the world.


Liz’s Theme of the Week 12/11-12/17: A Speedy, Grumpy, Dreadful Christmas Part 3! Obligations!”
December 18, 2016

Part three of my Holiday Season Series just must address the dreaded “obligations”….

Oh, obligations. I have to say, I personally like to buck the system when it comes to obligations. I do the best I can to not do things just because I feel as sense of obligation, rather opting to politely decline …or better yet, offer an alternative suggestion that may work for all people involved. I do get that this is not always possible, especially for those with big families and lots of traditions! So, let us talk about ways to navigate the obligations of this time of year… (more…)

Liz’s Theme of the Week 12/4-12/10: A Speedy, Grumpy, Dreadful Christmas, Part 2: Not Enough Time!
December 10, 2016

My plan was to talk about Obligations this week.. but I have such a bee in my bonnet, I need to change the order of topics to address this “I am too busy” and “there isn’t enough time” thing!

So this week’s theme is: “There is not enough time!”

To be completely transparent, just as I typed that, I felt a tightness in my body and had to take a huge deep breath! This problem produces a lot of stress, doesn’t it?

For much of my career (both in agency work and private practice) I have been fighting the battle of “Not Enough Time” with my clients. (more…)