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Liz’s Theme of the Week 11/13-11/19: System Updates
November 20, 2016

We, humans, have all sorts of ways that we understand the world. We use all kinds of tools and techniques to help us understand what we see and what we experience. We find ways to cope, manage, and keep ourselves safe as part of our daily survival and growth…

Many of these techniques and tools were created in our youth. That makes senses, doesn’t it? Our childhoods are a time of immense learning. Everything is brand new. We strive to make sense of each new situation that arises. The systems that we create as children are imperative to our growth and development.

However, if we don’t update these systems as we mature, what was once a very useful coping mechanism may actually become a detriment to us. If we keep our understanding of the world static in a childhood view, we may miss out on amazing opportunities, we may keep ourselves stuck, or we may end up holding a view that is hurtful to us without even realizing it.

This week’s theme is about a System Update (more…)

But I Don’t Have Time to Meditate!
November 14, 2016
Meditation,Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman

“I meditate an hour everyday. Unless I’m busy… and then I meditate two hours.” -Anonymous

It is becoming more and more accepted that meditation can be a powerful aid to one’s overall well-being. Yet one of the most common reasons people give for why they don’t meditate is that they “don’t have the time.”

When we say that we don’t have the time for meditation, it generally means we are overwhelmed with (or just barely managing) all we have on our to-do list. In this situation, all our energy is directed outwards – errands to run, people to email, loved ones take care of, work deadlines to meet – and nothing is coming in. We spend a lot of energy focusing on the world around us, all the while neglecting the world within.

This is exactly why meditation is needed.


Liz’s Theme of the Week 11/6-11/12: Go With, Not Against
Liz's Theme,Self-Help — By Liz Varney

You may think that this week’s theme would be all about the election results, but it was not. Yet the theme may be just as much applicable to your reaction to the election outcome as it was to my client’s every day lives…

This week’s theme is: Go With, Not Against

This theme is very much a complimentary post to my earlier blogs, Acceptance is Not a Life Sentence and Top 4 Reasons to Feel Your Feels. As the “Liz’s Theme of the Week” blog continues to develop, you will find me dive deep into the many facets of previously discussed themes. So, let’s get into it!

Go With, Not Against (more…)

2016 Election: What Now?
November 9, 2016
Election — By Dave Eyerman

As we wake up this morning, we are faced with the reality of the results of the election. Many people are thrilled and many are horrified. Most are shocked.

For those who dislike, or are scared of, the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, there will likely be in-fighting and finger-pointing.

“It’s the DNC’s fault. If only Bernie was the nominee we would have won!”
“It’s Comey’s fault!”
“It’s those damn rednecks in the midwest!”
“All those people who voted for third-party candidates – they’re to blame! They took Hillary’s votes away!”
“It’s the voter suppression laws!”
“If only Election Day was a national holiday and more people of color could vote.”

While that may feel good temporarily to exorcise some demons and vent some anger, in the end, we are left with what is actually here in front of us. In the end, it remains up to us to decide what happens next. (more…)

Liz’s Theme of the Week 10/30-11/5: Top 4 Reasons to Feel Your Feels
November 6, 2016
Liz's Theme,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Liz Varney

This week I want to talk about feelings.

It’s true that every time I talk about feelings, I have a little voice in me that starts singing “Feelings.. nothing more than feelings…!!” I try really hard not to sing it in session, but there are a few of you out there that may have had the privilege of witnessing me break into song!

I want to sing about feelings because my perspective on them has a certain levity that helps balance to the heavy outcry from my clients: “Oh no.. feelings?! I don’t want to have feelings!”

Oh, but you really do. And I am going to tell you why… (more…)