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The Joy of Curiosity
September 21, 2015
Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman

When we are young, everything is new. We are in a constant state of wonder and awe, soaking up life through every pore. We learn about gravity and coordination, about color and clouds, about animals and music. We are constantly exposed to things which are new, and our natural curiosity is continuously fed.

As we grow, our rate of exposure to new things naturally begins to slow. We begin to perceive that some things aren’t going anywhere, and we conclude (logically, but falsely) they will always be there. The older we get, the more things get added to this list.

Once we have filed something into the “Oh, I already know about that” category – be it an idea or a tangible object, we stop looking at it. We come to assume that we have it all figured out, and that there’s nothing more for us to discover about it.

Yet there is always something more for us to learn, to discover, to experience, even when we are faced with the same people, same job, same objects. We can turn our curiosity back on at any time. It’s always there, waiting and wanting to learn.


What Can Happen When We Meditate
September 9, 2015
Meditation,Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman is a wonderful resource for meditation, and includes a weekly blog and podcast. Dave was recently interviewed for the podcast, and spoke on a variety of topics, most notably what can happen when we begin to meditate.

So often we think we’re meditating wrong, but most of what people take as signs that we’re making mistakes – falling asleep, witnessing some “crazy” thoughts, coming up against things which take us away from calm – are signs that we’re on the right path.

Take a listen to our conversation on The OneMind Podcast.

Stress Is Your Own Creation, and Under Your Own Control
September 8, 2015
Holistic Health,Meditation — By Dave Eyerman

Stress is common to our culture. Most of us are familiar with that seemingly omnipresent tension and all its related symptoms – sometimes back and neck tension, sometimes headaches, grinding teeth, perhaps a racing heart, lack of sleep, an overactive mind, and so much more.

Most of us who strive to do relive our stress levels look for the immediate release provided by things such as a massage, a vacation, a glass of wine, meditation, yoga, exercise, and so on.

While all those activities can have stress-relieving effects, ultimately, we are set to return to our state of stress once the effects of that particular treatment have gone away. They all (yes, including meditation) can simply be momentary pauses and not yield genuine changes to our overall stress levels.

Stress is entirely an internal condition. When asked, “What brings you stress?” it is common to list our partners, our jobs, our responsibilities, our finances, and other external factors. While all those things are real, and are stressors, what truly causes stress is our reaction to these things.

The great news about this is that since stress is created internally, it can also be resolved internally! (more…)