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2016 Election: What Now?
November 9, 2016
Election — By Dave Eyerman

As we wake up this morning, we are faced with the reality of the results of the election. Many people are thrilled and many are horrified. Most are shocked.

For those who dislike, or are scared of, the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, there will likely be in-fighting and finger-pointing.

“It’s the DNC’s fault. If only Bernie was the nominee we would have won!”
“It’s Comey’s fault!”
“It’s those damn rednecks in the midwest!”
“All those people who voted for third-party candidates – they’re to blame! They took Hillary’s votes away!”
“It’s the voter suppression laws!”
“If only Election Day was a national holiday and more people of color could vote.”

While that may feel good temporarily to exorcise some demons and vent some anger, in the end, we are left with what is actually here in front of us. In the end, it remains up to us to decide what happens next. (more…)

A Soul Perspective on Hillary Clinton
October 24, 2016
Election,Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman

What must it be like to be the first woman to be a major party’s nominee for President of the United States?

This role is not for the light-hearted or the weak-willed. Regardless of gender, running a campaign for President is not an easy endeavor. It is grueling and arduous in ways most of us can’t even imagine.

Being the first woman in this role is bound to highlight gender issues in the country. The comments automatically, mindlessly, and routinely thrown her way reveal our deep divide on gender in this country. The way we speak inherently highlights our deeper, ingrained subconscious ideas on gender roles. (more…)

A Soul Perspective on Donald Trump
October 17, 2016
Election,Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman

Donald Trump as a human has caused many other humans a lot of pain and injustice with his financial policies, narcissism, terrible boundaries, and unwarranted sexual advances.

This post is not about his human-ness, not about trying to find sympathy for the man. This is about his Soul, about how his actions can be viewed as helping all of us wake up.

To start, I want to be clear that in no way, shape, or form am I condoning his actions. In no way am I saying, “Well, this has a positive Soul-level effect, so it’s worth it.” There are many paths to deepening and broadening Awareness, many of which do not leave a wake of human suffering and trauma.

That being said, here is a Soul-level perspective on how Donald Trump has helped us all wake up. (more…)

Thoughts on the Election, Part 2
October 11, 2016
Election — By Dave Eyerman

There is so much emphasis put on who is the President of the United States. That person is often considered either being the country’s savior or being the sole person at fault for all its problems.

The President is considered the most powerful person in the world as well as the leader of the free world. Does this mean that he or she has influence over everything? Of course not. (more…)

Thoughts on the Election, Part 1
October 7, 2016
Election,Mindfulness — By Dave Eyerman

As are most, this has been a very divisive election.

We are inundated with the idea that Election Day is the end-all-be-all of our times. Yet no matter who wins on November 8th, November 9th will still happen. The sun will still rise.

As the commercials go off the air and the incessant polling and trolling stops, we will all go to work on the 9th as we have before. We will continue to walk our dogs, see our doctors, go to school, and live our lives.

Your mechanic may have voted for the candidate you can’t stand. The general contractor who is putting an extension on your house may have voted for the person you loathe to the core of your being. (more…)