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Meditation and Anxiety
December 27, 2018
Meditation,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

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It is becoming more widely known that a meditation practice can be helpful in curbing anxiety.

Anxiety generally comes in two forms – a fear-based resistance to some deeper feelings that are arising, and projecting past pain onto the unknown of the future.

With practice, meditation can be a powerful practice to help inhibit the life and growth of both these forms of anxiety. (more…)

Soul School
November 25, 2017
Self-Help,Soul Perspective — By Dave Eyerman

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Why are we here? Why do we have to deal with the crap that comes our way? What have we done to cause this?

A perspective that I have come to appreciate is, in short, that we are souls who have chosen to incarnate as humans to help us grow and learn.

This is a conscious choice that we make as souls.


Meditation is a Journey
November 18, 2017
Meditation,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

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Recently a client asked me to introduce him to meditation.

After I explained the basic ins-and-outs of it, he asked, “So it provides relief? That’s why people do it?”

I chuckled at this question, as it was trying to apply a goal-oriented mindset to something that inherently is a process.


Helping Heal The World
October 22, 2017
Meditation,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

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I’ve had many clients come in my office and in speak on how the current political and social climate is affecting them either directly or indirectly.

Regardless of their individual beliefs, the seemingly endless and omnipresent conflict is wearing them down. Many clients want to retreat into their own worlds, and cut themselves off from everything.

That makes sense; it is a basic survival mechanism to avoid conflict and seek shelter.

This approach, however, does nothing to resolve the conflict.


Mindfulness… Then What?
September 24, 2017
Meditation,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

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A client of mine, who is a doctor, recounted a story where a patient of his came back to his hospital weeks after he had been seen. His patient was irate, feeling my client hadn’t “put the dots together” and therefore didn’t prevent his heart attack.

My client, with decades of experience under his belt, reviewed his patient’s chart and even with the gift of hindsight, concluded that he had given the best possible treatment to his patient at the time.

Despite his logical reassurance, a nagging voice remained in the doctor: “What did I do wrong? What did I miss? Am I an incompetent practitioner? What other clients have I provided poor care for?”

He shared this story to me and described how his inner critic wouldn’t leave him alone. He concluded, “Well, I must not be doing mindfulness right… or I must not be mindful enough.”

I replied that he is practicing mindfulness. But there is more to the story.