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What Does Dave Do?
June 12, 2017
Acupuncture,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

Recently I was at my 20th high school reunion, a mixture of surface-level platitudes and superficial synopses of the lives of our classmates. “What do you do?” was naturally a common question. The quick, elevator-speech answer I gave was, “I’m an acupuncturist.” However, that answer is resoundingly incomplete.

On paper I am an acupuncturist and energy worker. More accurately, those are just tools for me to accomplish what it is that I really do.


The Mindful To-Do List
March 28, 2017
Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

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Who doesn’t have a to-do list? That familiar cascade of items which never seems to clear fully.

It sure seems that as soon as it shortens, twelve more things find their way on the end of that list (or jump to the top of it), bringing us back to square one.

It’s great to be responsible and to know I am in control of my own life. There’s a great freedom that comes with adulthood—I am not dependent on anyone else to provide me food or clothing.

No one is checking up to see if I have done my homework or brushed my teeth. My life is entirely in my control.


Liz’s Theme of the Week: This is not a political post
February 5, 2017

Don’t worry, this is not a political post. Although my clients have been talking about the “current political climate” all week.. well really for a couple weeks now.

It’s been very fascinating for me as a social worker and psychotherapist to witness my client’s journeys during this “current political climate.” I must say there is a part of me that is extremely fascinated by something my schooling taught me about long ago but never truly experienced in my work until now.

I don’t recall the exact name of the class, although it was something like “Social Policy,” or something like that. I also don’t recall my professor’s name either, although he has been one of the ones I remember most from graduate school. He was an older gentleman, closer to retirement than most. His classroom was in the basement of the building with no windows. He wore Birkenstocks with socks, and although that did endear me to him, for the first few weeks I thought he and his class was incredibly boring. A year with him later, I felt quite the opposite. (more…)

Screw You, Inner Critic!
January 28, 2017
Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Dave Eyerman

This week a client came into my office and said that she felt like she has two voices in her head – one that desires a glass of wine at the end of the day, and the other which chastises her for being “lazy” and “irresponsible” for wanting, or having, that glass.

“ARGH! It’s like I have to convince myself that it’s okay for me to have that glass of wine. How do I get rid of this?”

Pretty much everyone has some version of this story for themselves. The dang inner critic that tells us that we’re fat, lazy, stupid, mean, disrespectful, saying that we should know better or that we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing, questioning our every move, our every bite, our every word…. It’s exhausting.

The most common responses to this inner critic are either to listen to it, and then feel badly about ourselves, or to yell back and fight it. Both are draining and, in the end, perpetuating the inner drama. What if there’s another way?


Liz’s Theme of the Week: Flitting
January 24, 2017
Liz's Theme,Mindfulness,Self-Help — By Liz Varney

This week had a very clear question from my clients: “How can I have better time management?”

I wondered if this theme pops up now, mid January, because the “resolutions” we set have not held, we have gone through the post-holiday blues, and we are back to focusing on our day to day lives…

As I sat and listened to my clients describe their productivity-issues, I “felt into” their lives to gather more data about the problem… (more…)